Monday, April 28, 2014

we know we can never go back to that young passionate time of our days

when i look back at my life, i don't know why i always think foundation is the best years in my whole university's life. maybe it's because of the smell of the new place at that time that made it interesting. or maybe it's because of that feeling of being unknown to the surrounding at that moment. feeling of fresh new start of one chapter of your life maybe.

stepping into a new place alone, the saying-hi-i'm-blabla-nice-to-meet-you-what's-your-name phase is do i put it into words? interesting? meaningful? funny? akward? i don't know. it depends on how it turn out to be i guess.

that phase always have been and always will be the starting of your life there. It made you learned lots of things as the days goes by. you'll met lots of people in life. the hi-bye people, the loyal friends, the happy-times-only friends, the strangers-with-lots-positive-impact-to-your-life-without-you-realised-it, the in-front-good-one-but-back-180-degree-one and many more.

no matter who they are always remember those people you've met always have something good to offer never hate them. we are all humans after all. we aren't and never will be perfect. as much as you hate them for their flaws, you too have flaws.

the good and nice type will made your gloomy day turns bright. the bad-to-you people will teach you how to be good even when people do bad things to you.

and the real challenge of life is always have been and always will be the giving flowers to even the hand that crushes it. coz doing good to people whom are nice to you is just merely returning a favor.

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