Tuesday, February 16, 2010

he and she#3

he walked for miles at night along this sandy land
grasping the fresh air
writing bad blank poem on that sandy land
searching endlessly for a worderful she
who stepped out of the darkness of the night
to bring some light
just like
the moon
in the middle of the night
to make his night
shining brightly just like the day
and change his life forever
it never crossed his mind that
that person
could be him

but he still need a she


andre said...

so such thing.
it's "no-light" condition
thus, i said dark, means no you.
never existed.
it's "no-heat" condition
im cold, when you're nowhere.

Sipot said...

gile ah,andre pown gile jiwang gak en.nak gi blog dia jap ah.

shinchan BEBEL said...

apohal jiwan-jiwang ni jang?