Monday, February 8, 2010


what if i can change the world?
can i change it?

our world today
full of hate
full of conspiracy
full of discrimination
full of fight

that's all they think about

tell me what's wrong with society
rich guys driving big suv
while the poor are are starving in the street
no one cares
no one like to share
i guess the world today is unfair

can't you see?

the others struggling to find a pieces of bread
while we were struggling to be the 'head'
it's hard for the others to find even the food
while it's easy to us to throw away the food

we lived in luxury
they lived in misery

but yet
we still ungrateful
we still fight with each others
don't you know what worth fighting for?
when it's not worth dying for

tell me what's wrong with society
when money becomes our first priority
there's no sympathy

love and charity-that's the only solutions to make a better world
i know it's not easy
we must try

where is our world in 10 20 30 or 50 years?
where will our children live?
in society full of hate,obsess with money and fame?
in illusory world full of blood and drugs?
or worst
in a piece of land that's no longer belong to us?

the 'olders' tried their best for our freedom
can we hold this freedom forever when we're like this?
open your eyes
open your minds
open your hearts


dAShA De jIEhA~ said...

yeay!adam,really touching duh!
cube try translate in french plak:DD

adam said...

aku belum mampu la nk translate in french

aku noob lg kot:DD haha

aai syaqie said...

favourite !

keep it up

Sipot said...

gile beb.tkot lak nak rempuh masa depan lepas baca bendan nie