Tuesday, September 13, 2011

sometimes you have to look at life from a different perspective

"tak de lah. nasib je tu."

"mana ada.biase biase je"

people called it pessimist but i call it humbleness. it's great to say "i'm awesome" and act like barney stinson all the time.many will adore you with that interesting trait.i'm used to be like that before but it's fading away day by day as i grow older. it started to dissapear when i'm 16. but well that isn't really me. i rather use those two line above.yeah, it may sounds and looks like a bit bored-unattractive-person to most of the people but i don't mind. i don't really mind at all coz i know eventhough how great i am, it won't last coz it's all come from Him , Allah the Almighty. All praises to Allah.