Sunday, December 1, 2013

ditemani keindahan alam dalam kepekatan malam mencuba menyuburkan minda yang kelam

in life, you'll encounter many situations that need you to make a choice. and when it comes to making choices,sometimes a lot of factor you'll need considered. so you analyse this and that. whether to choose this or that or to not choose anything at all.

it's pretty hard isn't it? to make a choice. why is is so hard? maybe we're afraid. afraid of the unknown. afraid of the uncertainty of that choice. afraid of the consequences. can we handle the outcome?

you know what? our life it isn't like a machine or a robot which have manual with it. which explained everything you need to know about it.

so just choose. there's no guarantee that, choice A is 100% correct or it is choice B which is 100% correct. for me, there's no right choice. every choices leads you to different path and different outcomes. 

different here doesn't necessarily means incorrect because i believe, firmly believe that when it comes to choices to make, there's no right or wrong choices. you just gotta get up and pick one.try your best to make sure you make the right decision. make it worth it. 

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Izzy Adlina said...

lain kali jangan merayau malam-malam