Sunday, May 11, 2014

apa yang kau kejar itu penting, tapi apa yang lebih penting itu adalah mereka yang pentingnya tiada pengganti.

have you ever had that moment when out of the blue you found yourself sitting and start wondering about things in life. among the things were what is really important in my life? why am i doing what i'm doing right now? is it necessary? is it worth it? 

twenty-two years of life had me say that achievements and possessions are really not what matter the most. the things that really matter is the people that is really matter in my life. because the achievements and possessions i gained does not really taste that sweet after all even though after overcoming the pain,struggles and hard work in the process. 

well i am still young after all and maybe am still have lot to experience and when the times come i might change my point of view then. but what i'm really trying to say here is that happiness only meaningful and taste sweet when shared. and that claim maybe will stay the same in the next 10 or 20 or 50 years from now. 

and whenever you shared something, that's when love blossom. and it blossom better with people's that matter. whenever love blossom in your life, how beautiful does it feel? and what is more beautiful to life than love? well take note that love isn't just those girlfriend-boyfriend kind of love.that's is just a branch of the love tree. love is much more bigger than that. 

waiting tirelessly for your turn coz u know potong-que is not nice is love. smiling towards a face in need of a sunshine is love. helping a person in need with no expectation of something in returns is love. a father struggling for a piece of bread for his child is love. a working mother that probably exhausted still cook a lovely meal for her family is love. a friend that found lots of reason to hate and backbiting another friend but chose not to and still prefer to help her or him change her/himself is love.

and the question is,
who is he or she or them that really matter in your life?
and the next question is what have you done so far for them?
do they know their value in your world?
what are you waiting for? go and tell them before it's too late. 

happy mother's day puan zakiah binti abdullah :)

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