Wednesday, February 3, 2010


.not everything that 'he' want.
.'he' will get.
.not everything that 'he' got.
.that 'he' wanted.

.'he' learned that fact.
.'he' understood that law.
.'he' tried to accept it.

.'he' just have to live his life to the fullest.
.as life comes with no guarantees.
.as there's no second chances.
.as there's no times out.

.'he' thought his life was dull without 'she'.
.but no way.
.because 'he' had a lovely family by his side.
.because 'he' had loyal friend by his side.
.'he' was very thankful.

.for 18th one 'she' did not even wish it for 'he'.
.'he' now aware and awake.
.to be honest 'he' sad.
.'he' still had his family and friends 'wish'.
.thanks to them for making his 18th brighter than 'he' thought.

the 18th wish:'he' still hoping for a 'she' to share his life with.

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