Friday, February 5, 2010

he and she#2

'he' is not like 'she'
'she' is not like 'he'

both of them have 2 eyes
both of them have 2 ears
both of them have 2 nostril(haha)

but 'he' and 'she' do have
different heart
different perspective
different feeling
different interest

'she' may love what 'he' hate
'he' may love what 'she' hate

'he' is not like 'she'
'she' is not like 'he'

'she' is pretty
'she' is lovely
'she' is loveable

but yet
'she' is not too pretty
'she' is not too lovely
'she' is not too loveable

'he' is not pretty(of coz la)
'he' is not lovely(of coz laa haha)
'he' is not loveable

but 'he' just want 'she' to know that
'he' is happy
eventhough'he' is not extremely happy
'he' still happy with his life

p/s:today both of them bumped to each other accidentally but yet 'she' didn't realised because 'he' quickly dissapeared when 'he' saw 'she'.

.what the hell. haha


shinchan BEBEL said...

he and she.
completing each other :)

iema_z said...

if he keep dissappearing whenever they bumped int0 each other,by when he will get his she???