Sunday, April 25, 2010


everytime i wake up in the morning, there's nobody home
everytime it's happened, it's means priceless freedom
everytime i go downstairs, the living room was in a mess
everytime in the morning, i had to be the housewife
everytime i'm done washing the dishes,i'd to finish the laundry
everytime i try to clean my bedroom , i made another mess
everytime i go to the kitchen, there's no 'breakfast'
but i don't mind, bcoz a few minutes later i got a phonecall

ster : dam, noor jum?aku amek kau skang
me  : ok

everytime i'd my breakfast there, my rm5.00 will be gone
everytime we lepaking, we'd nonsense conversation
everytime we laughed, a pretty lady appeared in front us
everytime i tried to say hi, i lost my voice
everytime i want to try again, the lady had disappeared
so silly

everytime i get back home, i'll sit in front of this pc
everytime i open my blog, i found that shinchan made another essay
everytime i try to make an essay, my brain went blank
everytime i tried to be poetic, my poem became a piece of shit
everytime i've no idea to write, i'll read others blog
everytime i read sipot's blog, i'll laughed like a mad dude
everytime i open the 'kisah ikan di dunia manusia', i found that sam just becoming hotter and hotter 
everytime i read apeng's blog, his words was awesome
everytime i'm typing, my grammar totally sucks 
everytime i'm done with blog, i go facebooking
everytime i play cafeworld, my towner was in a mess
everytime i get bored, i play PES2010
everytime i'm idle, a girl will buzz me
everytime i'm on the line, everyone was offline

everytime my little brothers is back, the house will be in a mess again
everytime everyones is home, my freedom disappeared
everytime i'm using the pc in the night,my mom will come and says "mak nak facebook kejap"
*my mom is rock, i'm proud with you mom

everytime i jogged with them at hutan bandar, there's so many 'flowers' there
everytime i try to say hi, i lost my voice again
this syndrome makes me feel so pathetic
everytime i wondering "is there any cure for this bloody hell syndrome?"
my mind replied "what a stupid question, you dumb-ass"
everytime we hangout, i'll end up gaying with ster
bcoz others will surely 24hours with their girlfie
everytime i watch movie, i never had a chance to be in the couple-seat
everytime we had meal, there's no lady will suaping me

this is all about a jobless youth
this 'everytime' is about a guy with 'bibik'  title
this shit 'everytime' come to my mind when i hear butterfingers's everytime song
thanks to them :DD

when you read this 'everytime', i know u'll think that i'm crazy
but i'm not insane
i'm a normal adolescent bebeh

p/s: ignored the language.i know my grammar so sucks


syamsulfitri said...

ni la poem ko,
style dol.
dan,aku x hot,cool jah.
wakakak poyo

Izyana Jasmay said...

wewittt adam ada bakat siott wat poem.. best kott ah poem nihh. eh aku nk try cube baca belog sipot best sangat ke. link pliss

shinchan BEBEL said...

aku kan journalist. HAHAHAHA :D

Weh, laguuuuuu kau :'D Lama siot tak dgr:'DDD

Acab said...

macam pukimak best kau punye blog dam!!!

adam said...

sam : cewah kau aku da kata hot tu hot je lah. nk cool plak hahaha :P
*puisi kau lg style la sam

nana : woot woot hahaha. kau cari kt blog list den noh haa "bukan kisah budak bermasalah" best duh blog dia (:

chan : aku tau tu. tayah ckp :P HAHA

acap : macam pukimak tu camne cap? HAHAHA
*saje nganjing