Saturday, February 26, 2011

even heroes can dream and bleed and dream and bleed

Another day comes to an end,
Another day comes to begin,
Day by day changes happened,
Day by day failure slaps you in the face,
Day by day scars lay in your heart,

No matter how hard your life,
No matter how dumb you look like,
Don’t raise the white flag yet,
For even heroes can bleed,

The changes we've been through define us,
The failures we've been facing is a lesson to be learn,
The scars you have had make who you are,

Nothing is easy in this world,
Some are just lucky to be born on the rainbow,
Full of joy and excitement,
They may never know "misery" or "hardship",

Some are born without it,
But it never means they're not lucky,
Life itself is a test,
God make you live in sorrow,
To make it easy for your tomorrow,

Always believe that god will never test you,
With something you can't bear,
Have faith in Allah for all that have had happen in our world,
Only Him know what is he best for all of us,

We’re all just human without extraordinary fairytales,
We’re no superman,
Just live to live your dream,
Fear ends when faith begins,
Life does not have to be perfect,
It just has to be right.

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