Wednesday, August 24, 2011

it was my decision to get clean and i did it for me

it's a game called , circle,
it's rotate all the time,
it's never static,
everyone and everything keep on moving,
at one point you're at the peak,
a moment later you're on the ground,
believe me when i tell you'll only know where you stand when you're on the ground,
you'll notice who is with you and who are against you,
people through thick and thin are rare, difficult to find,
people of happy times is everywhere, no need to find,

every moment's counts,
you keep on stepping,sometimes running,sometimes crawling,
different people in different direction in different time,
path that lead to good and bad,
often you will take the wrong turns,
when you does, it's your choice, to revert or to proceed,
mistakes, it's normal, learn from every wrong moves,
don't do it again.

and when you did revert some will talk the negatives about you,
no matter what happen,
haters will keep on hating,
backstabbers will keep on backstabbing,
fakers will keep on faking,
don;t waste your time,
no matter what you did, no matter what you said,
they will keep on doing this and that,
you have no control over them,
just ignore them,
stiffen up that upper lip of yours,
keep on smiling. keep on moving.
because this is game called circle,
people will change constantly, so do the environment,
live your life, don't judge people, removes grudges.

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