Sunday, July 22, 2012

put all your trust in Allah deep in your heart and put all your limbs together work on your goals. whatever the result, be content, for you have done your part with all your might.

for everything that you seek,
for everything that you desire,

it comes from Allah.

when you get what you want,
say Alhamdulillah.

when you're unlucky,
say Alhamdulillah too.

Be content.

He knows what we don't,
He knows.

We can have the brain with pure intelligence,
We can have the mucles with pure strength,
We can have the wealth with pure gold,
We can have the influence with pure so called bros,

be aware that all those things,
seriously are temporary,
nothing's permanent,
it can be gone in split seconds,
when He says Qunfayaqun.

I don't say that you should forget all those things in this world and focus to Allah only,
no, that is not the way to live your life,
what i try to say is seek all those things that you desire but never let it own your heart,
your heart should be own by Allah the Almighty,
your desires towards anything should be put and own only in your hand.

bring those things to lead you to Him,
don't let it blind you and imprison you from Him.

sedih rasanya melihat mereka yang permainkan tuhan,  hal agama dibuat jenaka. berani sungguh main gila dengan tuhan.

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