Saturday, August 18, 2012

"yesterday i was so clever that i wanted to change the world, today i'm wise so i'm changing myself"

when our heart are not deeply locked by anything that exist in this world,
when we really put Him the Almighty first in our heart,
when we really loves Him more than anything,
when we really fear Him more than anything,

that is when,

we won't be really affected when we don't gained what we desires,
we won't be really dissapointed when lost something that we possessed,
we will always feel content with whatever we have and whatever we're going through,
whatever we do, whatever we talk, whatever we see, we'll try to please Him

that is the state where we are at our strongest form. it is like we're unbeatable, untouchable to no matter whatever that might come to harm us.

imagine every muslim in this one will try to harm the others, no one will try to bring down others, no envy, no greed, no war, peace is everywhere, everyone is united. amazing isn't it?

but, this imagination is really contradict to todays communities.

it is already hard to find one person who is in this state, to find one ummah in this state? it seems illogical nowadays.

because we're humans. we have nafs. nafs that often lead us to wrong direction. lead us to selfishness, greediness and envy towards others.

but, hey,

we too have iman. remember? the only tools that can beat our nafs.

you might think that when you posses everything, when you have more bros, when you  have unlimited power and etc you're in your strongest form. well i respect your opinion. but i just want to say that with only the word 'qunfayaqun' by Him you can be beaten. easily.

that's why there's saying said "when god is with you, you've everything"
let me ask you from where you really have those things? from your own effort? really? well tell me who provides you that pair of leg to walk, to run to your effort? who provides you with intelligence to make those smart effort?

if you don't believe in god, if you think god is just a imagination and dont exist, can you explain why do you simply believe when your teacher taught you that number one is represent by the number '1' not the number '2' ?

dear friends, this state is not easy to achieve but that doesn't mean it is impossible.  it have been proved by muslims in our phrophet era and during the khulafa' ar-rasyidin era. one of the finest and greatest time of Islam in this world.

don't we have the feelings deep in our heart to see Islam rise again in our generations?

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